Youth Ministry

Messiah Youth are comprised of youth in Grades 7 to 12.


Messiah Youth On-Going Fundraising:

Donate to Youth via SARCAN (please read carefully)

The door for the program is along the north side of the building and not through the regular entrance.  When you walk into the Drop & Go door, you will find an electronic screen on the right hand side.  By touching the screen you can begin to input the information to generate the tags you will need to label the bags/boxes.


  • Email address  [email protected]
  • You will also need to answer the question “Where were you born”.   The answer is Iceland
  • You will input the number of tags you need for the bags/boxes you bring.
  • It will ask you to confirm the number of tags.
  • Once okay, it will print the # of tags you asked for.
  • A receipt will be the final tag printed.  Please keep that.

Some rules that I was asked to pass on.  (Yes there are always rules)

  • Rinse all milk jugs to prevent odours, etc.
  • ALL glass must be put into boxes and processed on the left side conveyor – this is due to glass breakage and safety concerns for staff handling.
  • Plastics in bags through right hand conveyor.
  • Tag all bags at the top by the tied end for easy reference and make sure you put through the revolving bars on the bag conveyor (right side).  They have had trouble with bags that haven’t been pushed through and the next person has put their tags on as well.  This has created confusion and problems for them.
  • Any containers with lids left on will have that container $ value donated to Telemiracle.
  • Electronics, etc., must go through the regular door and are not part of the Drop & Go program.

If you print too many tags you will have up to 24 hrs to use them.  After that the tags expire.

H2H Confirmation Ministry

H2H is the Head to Heart program produced by Faith Inkubators.  Youth in grades 7-9are included in our Confirmation Ministry. If you follow the link below you will get all the information about this awesome program and how parents are encouraged to participate in it with their youth while they prepare to confirm their faith.

H2H Confirmation Ministry at Messiah

Confirmation Classes may be offered.  We will incorporate participation in worship,  a servant event, a visit/virtual tour of a funeral home, a mosque and a synagogue.

For further information about a Confirmation program, call the Messiah office.

(To find out more about Faithinkubators, the creators of H2H, go to