Community Faith Support

Need a ride to church? The Transportation Service provide rides to Messiah for worship or other Messiah events when needed.  Contact Checker & Family Taxi:  phone 306-763-3773, 306-763-2010,      306-980-0907, 306-764-5555

The ride to Messiah will be paid by Messiah, and the taxi drivers will provide a form for signature.  If a special vehicle and/or extra assistance is required, advise the dispatcher when the request for pick up is made.


Spiritual Care

A Word on Spiritual Care:  that care which recognizes and responds to the needs of the human spirit when one is faced with trauma, ill health, sadness, or times of life transitions.  Often these are the times when we need extra care and support, when we are searching for deeper meaning, and a place to connect and express our feelings. A Pastor can be a good support at a time like this and can offer to: listen; pray with you; and offer rites or sacrament in this time of challenge. Spiritual care is offered in the following ways:

Hospital Visits:  Upon request.; phone or email the Messiah office.

Home Visits:  To request a visit, please phone the Messiah office. Stephen Ministries is a visitation program. To learn more, click this link: Stephen Ministries

Private Communion:  Holy Communion is usually shared within the context of the worshiping congregation. However, private communion can be arranged for those who are shut-in, living in care homes, or are unable to come to worship. This is available upon request.

Holy Baptism: Holy Baptism is usually shared within the context of the worshiping congregation and can be arranged by phoning the Messiah office. The Pastor would like to meet with the family and the one to the baptized to share more information about the significance of this sacrament and to make arrangements for the date and plan details for the service.

Weddings: Please contact the Messiah office to reserve your date and set up meeting times. Usually, at least one meeting with the couple is required. In addition, and in recognition that marriage is a significant life change, the Pastor may require pre-marital counseling for most couples.

Funerals or Celebration of Life: Messiah has a Funeral Booklet which is a helpful guide for those either pre-planning their funeral service or those planning a funeral for a loved one who has passed.

Pastoral Support: If you are struggling with an issue and need a listening ear, we can set up a time with someone to meet by phone or in person in your home or at Messiah.

 Messiah office:  306-763-7374 or [email protected]